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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Books on tape are like reading the book?

I grew up listening to books on tape on family vacations and have continued as I have had my own family. My oldest also loves Harry Potter and enjoys listening to the books as she goes to sleep. But since her older sister likes them my 10 yr old wanted nothing to do with them until she had to share a room again and was all but forced to listen as she went to sleep. She has discovered that there are parts that the movies left out and has enjoyed listening to them with her sister. Last night she came and asked me. "Mom, are the books on tape like the books?" I told her it was someone just reading them and she went right to the shelf and got book one. She read the first couple of chapters and is excited to see what else the movies left out.


Chuck and Nancy said...

Hooray for reading. TV and movies are OK, But, Reading is so much better.

Mel and Angus said...

I listened to The Work and Glory to and from work. I would of never made it through them if I had to read them!

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