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Monday, November 30, 2009

Ten Things

Novembers 10 things

Great Parks


Celebrating a 6 year old

Celebrating a 60 year old

Great Food and Family for Thanksgiving

Soccer season OVER

Modern Medicine and ear tubes(tomorrow)

New Moon

Warm Fires

New Nephew

Monday, November 23, 2009

Surpise Surpise

Thursday morning My hubby and I slept in and let the kids sleep in. The first child to wake up was our oldest. She came in our room about ten minutes before we normally leave for school. "Mom we are late for school!" my hubby's response was "If you were going to school. Lets go on vacation. If you could go anywhere on vacation where would you go?" she said that she would go to see Grandpa and Grandma. Ok we will go there, go pack. Then the 8 yr old boy came in we again asked him if he could go any where on vacation where would he go? He said that he would go to him favorite cousins and we said ok, go pack. Then came in the 10 yr old girl. We asked her and she said that she wanted to go camping. We said that we weren't going camping but what else would she like, she said that she wanted to see her cousin we said ok, go pack. I then went in to the little girls room and asked them one said Grandpas and grandmas and the other Nanas and Poppies. My hubby soon left for school and the kids and I packed and loaded the car. Then picked up daddy on our way out of town. At about 9:15 that night we got to the town where grandpa lives and went to the hotel. A few minutes later Grandma came and gave us the key to her house for the next day. Grandpa thought she was at walmart.

Friday we had a lazy morning then went and got over the hill birthday balloons for grandpas 60th birthday and went to Grandpas. He was at the doctors. At about 1:45 the oldest boy showed up with his family. They moved a few things in from their car and moved it around the corner to where ours was parked. No more then 5 minutes latter Grandpa and Grandma got home. We all said surprise. He was still a little loopy from the meds from his procedure that he had just had done and didn't really comprehend all the people in house. Just the two lasagnas on the counter and why they were there. I watched him over the next few hours as the med more off and he just glowed. the third son showed up latter that day with his family. While eating dinner Roger(my father-in-law)jokingly said that he had everything a man could want except maybe a telescope. After dinner we had cake and Ice cream and then had grandpa turn around while we brought in his present. He was so excited to have a good telescope. The evening was spent looking at different things in the sky. And a DVD that grandma made of pictures of grandpa from the time he was a baby until he was 60.

Grandpas graduation photo

The last time that all of my father-in-laws family was together was about 9 yrs ago. He was so excited to have everyone there and we just all enjoyed each other.

Saturday we had a Thanksgiving lunch with all the trimmings even grandmas homemade rolls. yummy. Then in the afternoon we had a family picture taken. It was the first one with all of his grand babies.

Sunday was a travel day again, most went home. My hubby flew home and the kids and I drove to my parents where we are now. We plan on spending the week helping them pack up their house so they can leave on their mission in 13 days.

It was a great surprise.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Busy week

This week has been too busy I haven't even had time to check blogs let along blog myself.

I took two days off from being a Mom this weekend and did a small craft show.

It wasn't really profitable but I very much enjoyed the vacation and the women that I spend the time with. Sorry Sweetie for leaving you with so much to do. I have spent the last few days catching up on things. I am looking forward to next week with the kids and hubby home to enjoy some down time.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Why I named you Everett Lauren

I have a great love for my grandfather on my mothers side. I was fortunate to live in the same town and spent many hours at his house. Grandpa did there main things that I remember. One was sit at his big desk, one was work in his workshop,and the third was help people. He was an amazing man born in 1914 the day after Christmas during a snowstorm. He grew up a hard worker on a ranch just outside of a little town. He meet the love of his life at the pencil sharpener in third grade, and loved her till the day that he died. He server our country with honor during world war II so, when you were born on veterans day 6 years ago I wanted to name you after him. I like the name Mark but there are a lot of people that are named mark after Grandpa and I wanted sometime else. I like the name Franklin, for a turtle but not a sweet little girl so Everett is was not traditional for a girl I know, but you are not a normal girl.
I meet your dads grandfather a year after we were married when I went to go see him baptized. Even though he was in his last years of his life when he found the truth he wanted to be baptized. He too grew up working hard a youth in northern California where he spent a lot of time up in the mountains. Grandpa also severed in WWII and meet his wife while in Brazil. After the war he went back and brought her home with him, What love that they shared. William just isn't a girl name but Lauren is now days.
I hope and pray that you will have qualities of these Grandpas. Everett I love you Happy Birthday.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Not Me Monday

I know that there is a place to link up for this but don't have the time to look it up.

My 6 year old did not call me into the bathroom just to show me how BIG her pooh was.

My hubby did not call me to say when you get home can you put a band-aid on me and while I was not cleaning up his leg he did not tell me that I could do the stitches that were not needed. And this Friday I do not get to take out the stapes that are not in his leg.

This last Saturday I did not have my kids clean the whole house to have it look like it does today.

I did not go the ER last night and my baby is not on his 5th round of meds for ear aches.

What did not happen to you the week?

Friday, November 6, 2009

Catch up Friday....

Okay I really don't think that anyone else does this but this past week has been too busy to post anything and now that Friday night is here and all is calm I thought I would take a minute.

Halloween was great we had a blast at the church party, My Hubby along with the youth put on a great spook alley, A little too scary for some but fun for them and it got the teenagers involved and at the activity. Followed by trunk-or-treating and then Trick-or-treating in the neighborhood.

Got to love my little mechanic. Grandma made the costume for my hubby when he was a kid.

Monday we had a awesome FHE where we talked about John 1:5 and went out to the grove of trees by our house to do it. I hope that it made an impression.

Tuesday I had a MRI on my wrist and now I am waiting for tricare to ok a referral to a hand specialist, It appears that one of the bones in my hand/wrist is out of a lineament. I just want to not have the pain. Slowly we are getting there but waiting on tricare between every step is slowing things down.

I also had 6 of the young women from church over to work on making their own purses. I think one more night should get them all done.

Wednesday the kids get out early from school. The weather was great so we finished moving some mulch from our trailer to the front flower bed. It looks great and I am glad to be done with it.

Training this week has been good I am running more and more. So far I have only run on a treadmill So that I can control the speed. I have also really enjoyed riding a bike. One less week until the race and things are going well.

I know that my life as a mom and wife is busy but I wouldn't trade it.
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