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Thursday, August 20, 2009


I believe that kid should be involved in the world around them and that they should be active. Some times I think that I bite off more then I can chew. Yes it is that time of year again... soccer started this week. Only three of the kids are playing this season. My oldest can't because she is too old for the league that they play in. Now I only have 6 practices a week all at either 5 or 6 and some are at the same times others back to back and none on Mondays I think that I will be looking forward to Mondays. Yes I know that it is good for them, it just is a big time commitment for me, at least I have a hubby that is around now.


Emmy said...

My brother's four kids are all in soccer and he even coaches some of their teams.. so their falls are insane needless to say.
Luckily for them my parents live close and often help with transportation to the games.
Good luck!

MMack said...

We quit sports for this year in return for more family time. I'm tired of the running around and just don't think that at the young ages they are capable of really learning anything. I know, I'm weird but I just have no desire to do it this year. I giggled when I saw people passing out soccer uniforms and we were swinging and sliding at the park.

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