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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How Things Work

I know a lot of people that have male and female jobs around the house. Well here is a different story. There is not a job that I won't do if I can do it and very few that I can't. If I can do it I do. I take out the trash, I don't think that my hubby even know when trash day is. I change light bulbs, cook, Hang pictures, clean bathrooms, take the car to get the oil changed, kiss boo boos, Do mounds and mounds of laundry every week, But I only put away mine and my sweeties the kids do their own. vacuum, sweep and mop , wash wall. Mow the lawn (when we have one), wash windows. You get the picture.

I have tried to teach this to my kids also and they do every thing that they are asked to do.

Is there any job that you won't do? how do you split up the work at your house?


Carrie and Karl said...

Karl is in charge of taking out the trash most of the time. He also takes over in the middle of the night when I'm frustrated enough to actually wake him up and tell him the boys need something. Karl has also started making a patio for our backyard, which is pretty cool.
For the most part I do what needs to be done. I like knowing that my toolbox gets used more than Karl's does.

MMack said...

I do it all but I wont learn how to trim the lawn edges.

Tom and Lillie Wilkinson said...

I think when my kids were younger, Tom and I did more. but now I only do spot cleaning. my kids each do their own laundry, they do the majority of the housework, and do any chores they are asked to do. the only things we actually have on a schedule are dishes and laundry days. on saturdays they sign up for which ever room they want to clean. when my car needs work, I take it in. and when toms car needs it he takes his in.

I cant think of anything I think of as his work except maybe fixing the computers when they are having problems.

Emmy said...

There are some jobs that have changed as our life has changed. When Eric and I were first married, we were both working and going to school.. so he did the laundry, we would both kind of worked on super (or whoever was home first would make it).. but now I always make dinner and do the laundry as I am at home and he works.
But we have been married for eight years and I am yet to clean a bathroom. He just likes them really clean so he does it :) And hey I am not rocking the boat on that one.

Chuck and Nancy said...

My wife is in charge of the house & I help. Years ago when we had so many kids I started helping. I really don't remember helping much before that. I just realized HOW MUCH she was doing and realized I should help.
Now if I see something I do it. I also do the yard. Occasionally, will ask her to help with weeding (especially her triangle flower garden in the front yard. She does not like the way I prune so I told her that when she is willing to help with the pruning she can complain. She does not complain as much.
Anyway, the way I remember it, I was in charge of things like helping change sheets on beds.

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