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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wind Sun and Sand

Our recent vacation was mostly for a family reunion on my Hubby's side. All three boys, two wives, Grandpa and Grandma and 13 cousins. Can we say fun. Camping at the koa. We were the first ones to arrive and got to pick our spot first, not that it really mattered. We set up tents and waited around so that we could help everyone set up theirs.

Food Mack style
Each family was to cook dinner one night and their own breakfast and lunch. What really happened was everyone cooked the group dinner and shared it but also every other meal was eaten by who liked what was being made. Or it was all combined and we all ate. I think that everyone brought enough food to feed everyone by themselves. Needless to say we had plenty of food. But it was good.

We love to play games, all kinds, some that we played were settlers, skipbo, boggle.
I was surprised with three boys age 8-9 and the words that they came up with. They didn't connect letters just used all the letters that they could, one game they all wrote down "cute". Not all the games were finished some were ended by bedtime or 1am... or the wind.

All Macks are fish. We had a great time at the beach, it was so nice to have a warm beach with great sand that went out forever shallow.

We buried kids up to their necks, made sand castles, and holes.

The wind at the beach was great for flying kites. I think that the little ones enjoyed this the most, there is something about holding that string while watching your kite up in the sky.

The wind also had its downfall too. Two nights it started to blow and blew for about and hour each time but it was strong. Just look at our dinning fly. It didn't come home with us. It did calm down and we were able to sleep in peace. It made it hard to have a campfire, at least it wasn't cold. but no smores.

Other actives
while at the beach we rented a skidoo. Everyone that went out had a blast on it even those that got a little more wet then they had planned. Miniature golf at the KOA was a nice treat and the pool the afternoon we didn't go to the beach. They also had a bounce bubble, think really big tramp. Blowing bubbles both little bottles and a huge big bubble wand that got some big bubbles, even by little ones. Water balloons were a hit once one cousin figured out how to blow them up.

We all enjoyed each other and just had fun.

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Chuck and Nancy said...

Family Reunions.
Something to look for because of the memories after.

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