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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Reading Closet?

My 10 yr old has cleaned out her closet and put in a pillow and blanket. She has decided that this is the best place to read and do homework. Its quiet, and no one sees you there with out first coming in her room then closing the door as the closet is behind it. I am thrilled that she has found a place to read, as reading is not always the first thing she wants to do. But I have discovered a down side. The other kid closets have also been emptied and turned into cool places to read a book, even if it is after bed time and the lights have been turned out.

But how can you tell a kid Don't read. I love to see them reading.


Chuck and Nancy said...

Me too!
Glad to hear they are reading. I enjoy science fiction and outdoors stuff. Outdoors stuff includes knowledge and facts, and stories of people in the outdoors - from Zane Gray, to Burroughs, to Louis L'Amour.
Beats watching TV.

Karen said...

I read in my bedroom closet and under my sheets. In the Houston house, when I had the corner room, Mom could see if my light was on from her office by just looking up. If I was in the closet or in my bed under the blanket - she couldn't tell. I thought I was being soooo sneaky!

Della Hill said...

They will fall asleep when they are tired.
I am sure you remember when I actually put my entire bed in my closet. That way I could close my door and stay up all night if I wanted.

Tom and Lillie Wilkinson said...

its summer, what better time to read, I tell my kids that as long as the chores get done they can read all they want. remember I used to read laying on the kitchen counter, or in the laundry room.


Administrator Alice said...

I remember reading with the light under the covers. The scourched sheet might have been a give away. Love Ya, Alice

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