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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Need Help

I was asked to teach a mini lesson on having kids help around the house, Brian laughed and I said OK if you really want ME to. Brian's next comment was along the lines of "is this one of those lessons that is really for the one giving it?"

Well I need your help. How do you involve your kids? and what have you tried that doesn't work?

Any thoughts are welcome.



Carrie and Karl said...

The best thing I've found is to tell Kaleb he can't play Wii until all the toys are picked up...
I'll try to think of some other things too. What is the class for?

Chuck and Nancy said...

A chore list helps. Then, working with them so they learn just how to do it.
Rewards and expanded privileges once they have improved. Some times the reward is a simple thanks for getting your job done.

Anonymous said...

We work together to accomplish the goal. We turn on good music and do it together. Also, having an older child train a younger child.

Mike Hugo said...

My kids have one room they are responsible for. They have to tidy everyday and deeper clean on Fri. (because here they get out early and sat. morning is busy with soccer). Then for all the other chores I pay them. But if I they aren't willing to do any work for what I want to pay then they get to do the work for free. Also if I have to keep on them about cleaning then they pay me, but this is only for real pains in the keyster.
We tried cleaning all together like you wrote about in an earlier blog this worked really great for the youngest three.
I heard of a woman writing all the chores on recipe cards and included was how long this chore should take. Everyone in the family was expected to do X amount of time each day. It was up to each person to go through the box and find chores for that day.This way encourage the kids to get to their chores quick so they could choose their favorite before it was taken by someone else. I laughing as I write all these suggestions because your house is much cleaner than mine. Good Luck

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