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Thursday, May 7, 2009

American Flag!!!

You remember playing punch bug as a child? Trying to find them before your sibling did as you rode around town. My kids have come up with a new twist. They don't look for a certain type of car, they look for American flags.

I am surprised at all the places they find them, on homes, MacDonalds, hotels, in windows, on the city buses, at schools, fire stations and so many more. They also have memorized where they are and are calling them before we get to them. Try looking for them. They are everywhere.

I am so proud that we live in a country that displays our flag so often. We live in a great place.


Chuck and Nancy said...

Try driving around the neighborhoods on a national holiday. That is when the flags are put up as part of the young mens fund raising.
Even without that we have a lot of flags.

MMack said...

I love it when kids learn to love what we value and your children have obviously come to love our country.

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