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Friday, April 24, 2009

Where is the binky?

My older children like to unclip my babies binky. Why? I haven't figured it out yet. Then when he gets fussy they bring him to me without it? When giving it to him would solve the problem. We/they have spent a lot of time looking for the missing binky.

Last night my little guy woke up at 4:30 am. I went in to get him and his binky was missing. It was not clipped to him and not in his bed, I even shook his blanket, but no binky. All in the dark.

After nursing him and almost getting him to sleep I went back in turned on the bathroom light across the hall and found the binky under the crib. He must have tried to put it in himself, which I have seen him do in his sleep, and dropped it. I think I need to go get a spare just in case for times like last night. Maybe... I will get more sleep tonight.


Carrie and Karl said...

I continually lost binkys. As a result I had at least 3 on cute little leashes and a few extras in important places like the diaper bag and in my purse. The only bad part is after he quit using them I was amazed at the number of binkys Von could suddenly find.

MMack said...

Thumbs. Go with the thumb.

Emmy said...

I cures binky's, or mami's as we called them... we started putting about 5 in my daughters bed at night so she could find her own. But luckily she is now free of them. She had it until she was just over 2 but I was worried she would have it forever she liked it so much.

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