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Monday, April 27, 2009

Great Kids

This weekend I was pleasantly surprised by all of my kids. Saturday morning I said it is time to clean and they ALL helped. They went from room to room and all helped. I usually have to keep reminding one or two that it is cleaning time but they all worked until the whole house was clean. It was great. and I only cleaned one toilet. I think that it works better for my kids to have everyone help with everything then they can do the job they like and yet it all gets done, instead of having each one clean a room where they have to do it all. They really worked great together to get it all done. Then we went swimming. But they didn't know we were going until I walked out in my suit and cover and asked who wanted to go with me. It was a great Saturday and my house is still OK today. Which is Great for me.


Chuck and Nancy said...

Where did you swim? Mom

MMack said...

I think working together is the best way to get it done too.

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