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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Broken Dryer

As I moved laundry yesterday I took the clean dry clothes out of the dryer and put in the load from the washer. My dryer wouldn't start. You can just imagine the things that went through my head, hanging clothes until it is fixed, using a laundromat for a family of 8. I tried everything I even flipped the breaker, but nothing worked. I didn't even put a new load in the washer, why have two wet loads?

I finally just walked away and said then my sweetie gets home I have him look at it. Then my 3 yr old asked to watch Dora, we went to the living room and I tried to turn on the TV but it didn't come on either. I looked at the computer and the screen was black, wait no lights are on, my mind suddenly was calm, the dryer wasn't broken the power was out. I have never been more thankful for a power outage even on a hot day. Even if it was out for several hours at least I had a dryer when it turned back on.


Tom and Lillie Wilkinson said...

We had a similar experience just yesterday. Long story short, don't forget to pay the power bill, and if you do plan to be there when they come to shut it off. Needless to say we grilled out last night. -- Drew

Chuck and Nancy said...

Isn't it nice to recognize your blessings.

Administrator Alice said...

It is hard for me to relate to your comment that it was even ok with the heat. We have had frost every night, had a fire most every day in the stove and generally been wearing a jacket to work every day. I WANT WARM! Alice

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