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Friday, April 10, 2009

Sandwich Cutter

I have become one of those moms. I fix sandwiches for my kids on a regular basis and if you don't like what I make for dinner you can make yourself a PP&J. For fun around valentines day I picked up a sandwich cutter that trims off the crust and cuts the rest into two hearts. So now days after I make a sandwich I don't ask "squares, rectangles or triangle?", I ask "Squares, rectangles, Triangles or hearts?" and if I see another cutter like my heart one I will get it. My kids love it and some will even eat the trimmings as long as they get hearts. It has been fun.


MMack said...

Shape Matters!

Chuck and Nancy said...

Interesting that they eat the crusts after they get the hearts! mom

Orr Family said...

They have a Dino one here, want me to get one for you???? My Boys love it!

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