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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Good Books

Today I was working with my older girls on their gospel in action award, we read D&C 88:118. It talks about reading good books and learning from them. We discussed what good books are and what they are currently reading. I have always had many books available to my children and we read often.
While we were at my parents recently my father took 10 grand children to a used book store and had them each pick out a book. My oldest found a set of books and asked if she could get the set. I don't think that my father thought twice about getting one of his favorite collections for a granddaughter. She was very excited to get The Lord of the Rings set and started reading right away. Poppie it was worth the money. She has finished The Hobbit and is now on the next one and little sister has started The Hobbit. Thanks for providing good books for my Children.


Chuck and Nancy said...

Brand new Four volume set of Lord and the Rings for $12. yes, it was above the $5 each, but, as Lydia says, Poppie didn't think twice. He is happy to hear KayLee and Abby are reading them. Nana

MMack said...

A book is worth so much more than the cost. The experience and teaching are priceless.

Mel and Angus said...

My hubby read those books to our kids. Jake has dyslexia and he wanted Jake to know that great stories came from books. It paid off because Jake did develop a love for reading.

Kristen said...

My son (6) is having a hard time learning to read, and I don't blame him when most of the books he brings home from school are rather boring. Last week I took him to the library and you would have thought it was Disneyland with all the excitement. It made a huge difference for him to pick out his own stories. Now he can't wait to read them every day.

Della Hill said...

Everythime we move my husband tries to minimize our belongings by getting rid of what we don't need.
One thing I never let him throw away is books.
Yes, they are heavy and we have several book shelves worth, btu they are so valueable to me.
I am sure that not only was Poppie willing to buy Kaylee the LoR set, he was probably thrilled that she wanted it.
He read the Hobbit to me when I was little.

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