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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Educational Experience

I wanted to have my kids have an educational experience at the farmers market I attended last week. I took all of them and they had one just not only the one I wanted. I wanted them to see more fresh fruit and vegetables and maybe try a few and pick some to take home and try. This they did and I think they enjoyed it. My 10 yr old love the salad mix with edible flowers. We tried Blood oranges and they were well liked also. But what surprised me the most was the walk to the market from the car. I stopped at a ATM to get cash and they all crowded around me to see what I was doing. I explained I was getting cash and they were all amazed. Then I realized they had not seen me do this before. I always have cash in my purse but I get it as cash back when I shop. The lesson wasn't just on fresh fruit and veggies but on ATMs as well. Go figure.


Chuck and Nancy said...

Now, do they think the cash from the ATM is free? Mom

MMack said...

My thoughts exactly. If you have checks can you just write them?

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