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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Everything has a place and everything in its place

With lots of kids around they have LOTS of stuff. I know that if things have a place, it is easier to clean it up. I have several rooms that I have organized so that everything has a place. This weekend I worked on my mudroom. It seems there are a gazillion coats,sweatshirts,rain jackets, shoes, galoshes. So how to organize them.

I went and bought a 12inx10ftx1in board and had it cut into two pieces. I also got 8 hooks and a can of paint. I went home and painted the boards and put the hooks on and had them hung on the wall one lower for teh little kidsand one high for the bigger kids. I also had a good friend make vinyl letters that said "home is where you hang your stuff". and a little name for each of the hooks. I love it and now there are not coats all over the floor or on the one hook that was on the door that the little kids couldn't reach. Now I need to figure out how to store all the shoes. any suggestions?


Carrie and Karl said...

I like my shoe rack from ikea, it was pretty cheap, but can hold 8 pairs of my shoes. And you could buy two and then hook them together to make it taller.
Good Luck,`

MMack said...

Only have one pair per child. :)

Chuck and Nancy said...

Today on HGTV show I saw some shoe bins that hang on the wall. Each one holds two pair of shoes and folds open and closed. They were neat. I wonder if you could find them on HGTV. Vern Kip might have been the designer - if I have his name correct. Redesign for a lady named Lady who played b-ball. Mom

Carrie and Karl said...

I think his name is Vern Yip. He's one of my favorite designers on HGTV, except that he has candles in every single room... I think my dad has something to do with my dislike for those.

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