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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kids need yards

I have lived in several places and houses. Due to the military, and I have come to realize that kids need a place to runaround and play. As a child I spent many happy hours out side playing in my yard which I remember to be huge. Whether it was swinging on a swing, climbing a tree, or rolling in the grass it wasn't just my back yard but a magical kingdom that turned into a castle, jungle or many other wonderful places.

As I have watched my own children play I have been very thankful to have good yards when I did and sad when my yard was a little too small.

So remember your youth and the time spent outside and open the door and kick your kids out.

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Della Hill said...

I remember our childhood backyard being huge too. I remember going back to visit and walking around the yard wondering how it had gotten smaller, because I remembered it being so much bigger.

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