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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kids in th Kitchen

I am a firm believer that that kids should be in the kitchen both as cooks and cleaners.

My Kids have spent many hours sitting on, yes on the counter helping me mix this or that and are becoming great cooks, Last week my 11 yr old made dinner including a veggie and set the table while I was at a sports practice with another child.

This week my two little girls 3 and 5 smelled my toast and came looking for what they thought was muffins. Out came two mixing bowls and two packets of add milk muffins. Yes, they each made their own mix up. I put the mix in the papers they put in the pan and into the oven they went.

Last night my 5yr old wanted to help with dinner, we needed chopped green peppers and onions. Out came my chopper and she did it herself. I think that they children eat better when they help make it and when they help choose what to make.

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