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Monday, March 9, 2009

Quilt not bags

I know I need to sew bags but sometimes I just want to sew something else. So I am putting the bags on order on the back burner and making quilts for my oldest twos room. Their old ones are light pink and baby blue, great for little girls but not to cool for preteens. Off to the fabric store I went and found a great print to be my main fabric. It is a brown background with turquoise, Pink, and orange flowers, with a few green leaves, It kind of reminds me of a Hawaiian print. Well on the next row there is a stripe with the same colors, I left the store with nine different fabrics that I love together. Now I really don't want to sew bags. After trying to talk myself into sewing bags for a few days and even cutting out a few liners I decided I might as well just sew what I want. I promise I will sew the bags as soon as the tops are done.

I have done the math for the pattern I want and cut out the squares, and am well into sewing the tops together. I love the way they are turning out and would post pictures if my camera worked. oh well tax refund is coming soon.

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Andrews family said...

bummer, i was going to ask you about making those camo scripture bags for the boys..

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