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Saturday, March 14, 2009

How to treat a Woman

I attended a ladies night at church last night and was was surprised to find men there in the parking lot as I drove. But grateful when one walked over as I was getting a box of dishes out of my car. He took the box of service for 8 in and to the right room, so I could set up the table I had signed up for. But it did surprise me almost as much as the fact that my husband had offered to carry the same box to the car at home. Do men really carry heavy boxes for women anymore?

As the night went on the men appeared again coming from the church kitchen with a cart full of soups. Where they really here to serve us dinner too? They did a wonderful job. Glasses were kept full, food delivered with a smile. At the end of the evening they appeared again to help clean up, they stacked chairs and took the heavy tables to a different room where they are stored. As I was walking back to my car my box was once again taken from me and placed safely into my car. I thought it would stop there, but once again I was pleasantly surprised. I was asked if I was leaving or returning to the church. I said I was leaving and he stood there making sure I was safe in my car and driving off before he returned back in to the chapel. As a side note the chapel is in a great neighborhood so it wasn't a scary place, they were once again just being nice.

I enjoyed the evening with other women and am very appreciative of the men who where there. Who do know how to treat a woman.

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