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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Have you had your hug today?

As I sit and think about what to post tonight I am reminded of what is important to me and how quickly it can be taken from me. My family is my most treasured possession. I would like to encourage you to go hug the one that means the most to you and just say "I love you" I know its not hard and doesn't take much time, but worth it. Just imagine what it would mean to you if they came to hug you. So from the words to a song I grew up with "Have you had your hug today? If not then right a way, I'm the one so lets get to it."

1 comment:

Della Hill said...

Doesn't that song say you should have 5 hugs each day?
"If not then lead the way.
Open your arms and get to it."
Or something like that.
I am a big believer in hugs and affection.

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