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Thursday, March 19, 2009


Have you ever sat and thought about timing. How a chance meeting changed your life or how you get in line and all the sudden there are a million people behind you?

Some times I love my timing and that of those around me, and some times I don't. Like last night I started my whites in the washer and went and sat on the couch with my sick little one, when what happens she barfs all over me. Remember that laundry, well I'm on vacation and only have so many outfits and now they are all in the wash. I'm just glad I had a swimming suit to wear while I did another load.


Pistolmom said...
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Della Hill said...

I think God guides our timing a lot.
In fact I don't think we even realize how often we avoid an accident or a bad encounter simply because He timed it right.
But I'm sorry about your sick little one.

Lydia said...

Della I very much agree that God has his hand in our timing mostly without us realizing it.

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