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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Why I named you Everett Lauren

I have a great love for my grandfather on my mothers side. I was fortunate to live in the same town and spent many hours at his house. Grandpa did there main things that I remember. One was sit at his big desk, one was work in his workshop,and the third was help people. He was an amazing man born in 1914 the day after Christmas during a snowstorm. He grew up a hard worker on a ranch just outside of a little town. He meet the love of his life at the pencil sharpener in third grade, and loved her till the day that he died. He server our country with honor during world war II so, when you were born on veterans day 6 years ago I wanted to name you after him. I like the name Mark but there are a lot of people that are named mark after Grandpa and I wanted sometime else. I like the name Franklin, for a turtle but not a sweet little girl so Everett is was not traditional for a girl I know, but you are not a normal girl.
I meet your dads grandfather a year after we were married when I went to go see him baptized. Even though he was in his last years of his life when he found the truth he wanted to be baptized. He too grew up working hard a youth in northern California where he spent a lot of time up in the mountains. Grandpa also severed in WWII and meet his wife while in Brazil. After the war he went back and brought her home with him, What love that they shared. William just isn't a girl name but Lauren is now days.
I hope and pray that you will have qualities of these Grandpas. Everett I love you Happy Birthday.


Emmy said...

Happy Birthday Everett! And what great tradition she has behind her name.

Tom and Lillie Wilkinson said...

how blessed we were to have grandpa. and what a loving legacy for your daughter. I love naming children after special people in our lives.

The Brown's said...

Lydia- I that was such a sweet tribute to your Grandpa. I LOVED him too. I had the privilage of knowing him all my years growing up and he was always on of my favorites. I even got a cool stool from him and few years befor he passed away. Thanks for reminding me of him today:)

p.s. i think Everett is a darling name for a girl:)She is lucky!

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