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Friday, October 9, 2009

Kid Friendly Ghost Craft

We had a great time after school today making these, all my kids were able to help. Well maybe not the baby but he enjoyed being outside while we hung them.

These Cute ghosts are easy to make and quick.
the thing that you will need.
Garbage bags
thick thread
small hook
Black Marker
Paper if wanted.

Cut bag in quarters.

Use one quarter or scrunched up paper to make the head

Tie the neck.

Use the hook to pull thread through top of bag as hanger

Make face



Emmy said...

Cute! I have made these before when I was younger but totally forgot about them, what a great idea!

Carrie and Karl said...

Maybe we'll make some for our front porch. Cute idea.

Angie said...

How fun! I am so making these today with my toddler! Thanks for the idea :)

shopannies said...

these are so much fun have you ever made th sucker ghost out of tissue and suckers?

Jes said...

I never made those growing up so I think it is time to start a tradition! I love how simple these are and that the kids can work on them together! :)

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