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Friday, October 30, 2009

Eye Balls

My son has the fruit and half time and the treat after his soccer game tomorrow and I couldn't resist. I googled Halloween cupcakes and found these. I love them and soo easy.

1 Cake mix made in to 24 cupcakes
2 one tube white frosting
3 2 tubes red gel
4 blue food coloring
5 M&Ms
When the cupcakes are cooled frost with white frosting then draw the red lines. Add food coloring to what is left of the frosting. I put it in a baggie and piped a small blue circle then added the M&M to each one.

I only grabbed one tube of gel and next year it will be 2 for more sore eyes.


Emmy said...

Cute! Or should I say, scary!!

The Brown's said...

so cute! what a great idea:)

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