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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Clip it

We are new to cub scouts in our house, Our oldest boy turned 8 this last June. Tonight was pack meeting. The once a month meeting when the boys get the awards that they have earned and have some kind of activity that goes along with what they have been doing this month. My son being the normal 8 yr old that he is could not find his neckerchief slide so we looked around for a few minutes and still came up with nothing. So I turned to my cupboard and pulled out a twixtit clip and snapped it on. It worked great. Dad do you have one in your collection?


Emmy said...

LOL! Good thing he is only 8 or he would probably never let you get away with that one.

Angoraknitter said...

LOL...we had to make a special trip to the scout store a week ago because our little wolf lost his slider. John bought two just to save us the trip later. What silly uniforms.
Say, were you at all impressed with those iron on patches? I ended up having to sew them on as they just did not work.

Chuck and Nancy said...

Sounds like you need a couple of spares. Think about what else would work as a permanet slide. Mom

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