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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Teeth grow in, Teeth fall out

This week we have been dealing with teeth. My baby is getting his top teeth. All four bottom one came in in a week now its the top. The worst part was it caused a ear ache and very little sleep for both of us, at least we aren't camping like when the bottom ones came in.

My five yr old is very excited to have her first official loose tooth. She had two taken out after a fight with a slate floor, the floor won. She won't let me wiggle it. And when it comes out, the tooth fairy just might come.... I think That there are teeth under two other pillows now. When it got that bad growing up we would put them under moms pillow and then she might visit. Maybe all it will take is a good nights sleep?


Tom and Lillie Wilkinson said...

At our house All teeth go on dads nightstand. Tom says there is no way he is letting some guy in a tutu anywhere near his kids.

Emmy said...

My kids like to get all of their teeth at once to. Lucas got two at a time, until he had eight.. and then he got eight at once! Ouch

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