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Thursday, August 27, 2009

I missed it

My life is busy I understand that but still I feel a little cheated when I miss something that I wanted to celebrate!!! like maybe my 100th post, Sorry life was too busy yesterday and I didn't even realize it so here's to my 101st post, complete with cake.

This is the cake that I decorated for my daughter Tuesday for her 4th birthday,

Tomorrow I will post the one for my son who turns 1 today!!!


Emmy said...

This is a busy birthday month for you!
Very cute cake! I am yet to try fondant. How does it taste??
Great job!

Lydia said...

Emmy, Not a busy month just a busy week. LOL I have only done 3 cakes w/ fondant but am learning. you choose the flavor by what extract you add. It is basically a marshmallow play dough.

Mike Hugo said...

Cute cake good job Lyd.

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