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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

One Word

I was thinking today about my life and the thought entered my head, What one word would I use to describe my life. Many would work:

Crazy, Well with 6 kids and a hubby yes
Busy, yes that works too
Stressful, I must admit that at times this is the case,
but the one word that stuck out was content.
I love my life, I love being the mom to 6 kids, Getting them to school, Church, sports, playing with them, reading to them..., I love being a wife, talking with Brian about our kids, his school, or even golf,and spending time with him. I love to do my craft projects and I love that I have space for them here. I am just content.

What word would you use?

1 comment:

Chuck and Nancy said...

Content! What a blessing! Mom

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