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Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Sunday Movies

We TRY to only watch uplifting things on Sundays, We have fallen in love with Liken the Scriptures. They are reenactments of scripture stories that are musicals, along with modern day kids learning something. I think my kids favorite is Daniel and the lions. It has a great song about eating meat and then vegetables, sung by the lions. They love to sing along and when we have things like stake for dinner then the "meats in the menu" song is also in order.

I got a few new ones this week and am ready to put them on. I wonder what the songs will be. I was just checking out the web site and you can even download mp3's of the songs, but they are not on I tunes.


Emmy said...

Thanks! We always try and do just good Sunday shows too.

Thanks for the comment on my blog, when I read it I thought of a Billy Cosby comedy act

Check this out when you get a chance

Mike Hugo said...

We like the Liken movies too!

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