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Monday, June 1, 2009

Great FHE

I love the Friend it has great ideas for FHE. Tonight we played a game in the friend. There are 14 collections of words that if said aloud make other words. It worked great as a activity and All had fun guessing and taking turns reading. Can you guess them?

1 Pie on ear chill drain

2 Sawed legs it he you tall

3 Are tickles off ace

4 Me shun hairy

5 Chew see riot

6 Sir chip on door end purr ray

7 Loaf won an oath air

8 Fall oath he pro fit

9 Paw pick horn paw pink

10 Chair ink tie I'm

11 Bee shipwreck

12 Prime air eat each her

13 Broth hers send see stirs

14 Primer he yak tiff it he


1 comment:

Eston, Brenden and Janye said...

Wow totally love that one. LoL! You should have heard me getting frustrated with some of them!

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