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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Keeping Quilt Traditions Alive

There are some traditions that I think are dieing out. One of these is Quilting, I grew up under Quilts. A quilt on the frames in a tent already made. We knew the rules, don't bump the quilt and no hanging "walls" off the edge. But many hours of my childhood were spent under quilts.

As I grew I started to help, first with tied quilts. My older brother and I had a system we could keep 2-3 needles going at the same time, I would push the needle down then he would lay under the quilt and push it back up while I was tying another one. We really were fast.

I remember at about 5 my grandmother giving me a needle and thread to help quilt a quilt. I am sure that she took my stitches out before giving the quilt to the recipient, but that is how I started quilting. As I grew my stitches started staying in the quilt and eventually I even learned to tie my own knots.

I moved on to the piecing of quilts. First I pressed for my mom. Then learned how to pin and sew them. My mother and I can piece a top in no time with one at the machine and the other pressing and pinning, throw in a sister and it is even faster. I loved going to a fabric store to help pick out the fabric for a new quilt.

Now I am the mother teaching my kids. Yesterday my 10 yr old pressed while I sewed. It brought back so many memories of quilts. I am excited to put this one up on the frames so that my girls, and boys if they want, can sit at the quilt, help, and talk.

I'm not sure If I should thank my mom for teaching me or her mother before her. I guess it is all the women in my family that have through the years come together like a quilt and made me who I am Thanks, I will keep the tradition of quilting alive.


Chuck and Nancy said...

Yes, relationships are built around a quilt, along with so many other things. Thanks for putting them into words. My next project, probably will be going to Alice's to help her quilt Peyton's wedding quilt. Mom

Mel and Angus said...

Beautiful post!

Administrator Alice said...

Lots of talking and love around a quilt. I hope your mom can come and help me quilt soon. I am having so much fun with this quilt but it is a pattern "October Weekend" that takes alot of concentration. Alice

Funny in my mind said...

In my opinion, quilting is a gift (one I don't have) but I love looking at all the beautiful quilts at craft fairs and such! Keep the tradition going, I say!
Happy SITS Sharefest Saturday!

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