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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Our Last Few Weeks

Life has been a little busy lately...
First Chase had the Space Derby with cub scouts. He had a great time even if he didn't win.

Abby had a Birthday and turned 11. Instead of cupcakes she took cake lollipops to school.

I tried something new for Abby's cake this year. I used gum paste to make the flowers for the top. I like the white on brown contrast.

For her party I taught the girls how to make a few different flowers using fondant.

Basketball season is still going strong, and taking up most of our evenings and Saturdays. It has been fun watching them all improve their games. KayLee,Abby and Chase all won their games this last week and Everett's team tied.


Emmy said...

Very cute cakes and cupcakes!

I am yet to brave the world of fondant.. one of these days :)

MMack said...

You rock. I think you are a great mom and teach your girls such awesome homemaking skills. Why don't you move closer so my daughter will not be lacking in the finer things of life?

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