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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I love Christmas Nativities I think it has something to do with my mom who has like 80+ that she sets up each year, yes we counted them once and she gets new ones every year.

I also love the ones that children can play with. I have some that are kept up safe but some are meant to be played with One of my favorites is this one from fisher-price

I love to see my kids playing with it or setting it up as the bigger ones do. My little guy likes to give baby Jesus a ride like this. It makes me laugh every times I see it.


Lillian Wilkinson said...

I also love nativities. it would be interesting to see how many similar ones we have, I got the fisherprice one for Christmas a few years ago. My favorites are the ones kids can play with. Its great to see the nativity being played with.

Emmy said...

We have that same Fisher Price nativity. It is nice to have something they can touch :)

MMack said...

That's the one I need. I don't even have one whole set. Hmm..perhaps something is wrong with me.

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