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Friday, October 16, 2009

Tri training week three

Week three....

Yes the training is still on. This week has been much harder to get to the gym, Thanks to Fall Break and having 6 kids home all week. Run/Bike days have gone great, I am running 2 minutes at a time with a 2-3 min recovery which for a non runner is great and I am feeling good while I run. Biking has also gotten better but then I got some bike shorts with padding.

Boy does it make a difference. It is the swimming that is hard mostly because of the pool hours and having the kids home, not to mention a power outage, When you get to the pool and the building is Black, no swim. I Want to pick it up on Saturday which is normally a rest day we will see how tomorrow goes with soccer.

I am feeling great when I exercise and am Really enjoying it.

If you missed that I am training for a triathlon check it out Here
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Mama Nut said...

Woo Hoo! You go girlfriend! You inspire me to try harder. I am a kicker when it comes to running, I always have been... my mom let me skip school in elementary so I won't have to run on "field day." Now I am wishing I could do it so I could go running with my Army man when he comes home.

Carrie and Karl said...

I have 1 sister doing marathons, another doing triathalons, does this mean I have to do ironmans? Good job, I'm proud of you.

Emmy said...

Awesome!! When I used to go to the gym and work out I loved it, I really should do that again.

Emmy said...

I just gave you an award, so swing by my blog.

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