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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Zzzzzzzz They fell asllep How?

My 10 yr old has been know to sleep walk, she mainly does it when life changes, like moves. When she was 4 1/2 we moved from Germany to Kentucky. We also had just had a baby and Daddy had just gotten back from a 6 month deployment to Iraq. So life had definitely had some changes for this little girl. One night I had gotten up to nurse the baby and when I went to put her back in her crib I felt someone else in it. I put the baby down on my bed and went back to the crib. There sound asleep was my little girl. I guess that she felt safe there. I moved her back to her bed and put the baby down. She did not remember a thing.

I am please to post this on Emmy Mom--One Day at a Time


Emmy said...

Guess she wanted to be the baby still :) My kids have never slept walked, I think that might half freak me out. Great post! Thanks

Lourie said...

My kids don't walk in their sleep, but they talk in it! Thank you for sharing. And thank you to your husband for his service!

Rebecca Talley said...

I've found my kids in the closet, under their beds, and once a kid was rolled up in the bathroom carpet sound asleep.

Sarah said...

I had one that walked in her sleep too - sometimes she just cracked me up..making snacks and just leaving them..sometimes she scared me! Wonderful post!! Thank you to your husband for his service. Sarah

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