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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sponge Curlers

I love to do my girls hair. They love to have curls. Sponge curlers are great, and easy to use. Didn't her turn out great?


Carrie and Karl said...

I love sponge curlers. I used them all the time in high school. I even got extra credit in chemistry class for explaining why they worked.
Her hair is adorable!

Eston, Brenden and Janye said...

It was so adorable! Yes sponge curlers are great. I need to get me some more!

Emmy said...

That is so cute! I need you at my house, go see my blog post today and you will see why. :)

Julie said...

Thanks for the hair tip on my blog...Not sure I will ever get the hang of it...I might try sponge curlers though!

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