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Friday, September 18, 2009


My sister in law is here with her children so after school yesterday we drove the 5 minutes down to the beach. I know we have lived here for over 10 months and this was only the second time we have made it to the beach, Did I mention that the water is COLD.

We didn't take towels, or have them put on suits, no they were just going to put their feet in. They had a blast and definitely got their feet wet, and their legs and their body's and even the hair, OK next time we will take towels and have them change. Everyone had a blast.

We even found some sand dollars.

We hosed then off to come inside.

After the beach and a spray down we made soup and bread sticks. Everyone needed a bread stick with their initials. What a cool Aunt.

Before we went the boys loved our climbing tree.


Emmy said...

What cute bread sticks! And I love the picture of the toys in the sand.

Della Hill said...

I love being close to the beach.
It is surprising how quickly you get used to the cold water.
I loved the pic of little feet and big feet in the sand.

Terresa said...

I miss the beach. Those sand dollars are lovely. And that tree is amazing! Great picts!!

Tom and Lillie Wilkinson said...

you know, when I was little and saw my first sand dollar, I thought it was a really rare, precious thing. I was so special that grandma would let me hold one. You must all be pretty special for Heavenly Father to share them with you too.

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