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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Prepwork/ Lists

I have done a ton prep work lately. Packing for trips, laundry to pack for trips, packing diaper bags, shopping and packing for camping, packing for camping. The list goes on and on. As a mom I think that I do more prep work then work after the fact.

Some of the things that I have forgotten lately are towels for camping at the lake, cutting board for camping, and I'm sure that my husband can add a few things. Anyway, my point is list work only if you add every thing to them. I now have a master list for camping. I can only hope that I won't forget anything major in the near future.

What have you forgotten and left at home?


Chuck and Nancy said...

How do you make sure you do not forget where the list is?

Emmy said...

We almost forgot all of our clothes once. Sometimes when we take road trips we like to just hang up some our clothes in the back, so they don't get all wrinkly. One time we were leaving our subdivision when we realized we had gotten all of our bags, but not our pile of clothes.

Della Hill said...

I almost always forget my pillow. And that is important because I really sleep better with it than any other.
The worst was when we were taking 8 group home kids on vacation to Denver and we forgot the entire bag of medications.
Luckily we realized it before we actually got out of town and went back for them.
That would have been bad.

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