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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kids Pictures

As part of my kids spring break for the last few years we have gotten their pictures taken. Some would ask why not just get the school pictures but I don't because of the price and I cant get the group shots that I want. I am very excited to do boys and girl separately now that I have 2 boys.

Picture time means new outfits and haircuts. Finding outfits for 6 kids that match is easier some years then others, depending on sizes needed. The older they get the harder it is. I decided to pick the color black this year but it still has had its challenges, finding black in 6-9 month boy has proven to be the hardest, but old navy came through last night and in the clearance section to boot. I now have 6 different tops and a hour and a half to get kids ready.

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MMack said...

Can't wait to see them. My daughter was such a pill we had to shoot hers twice. I hope all of yours smile.

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